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Rush (UK)
Price $125.00 Buy

original super scarce 2016 Universal Music 16 track promo only "Super Deluxe" remaster double advance promo only CD set, custom CD-R discs and inserts, with bonus 6 page press release.

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Pink Floyd (UK)
Dark Side Of The Moon
Price $250.00 Buy

original super scarce 2016 EMI Music Catalog Marketing 5 disc promo only "Immersion Boxset" remastered CD set, custom CD-R discs and inserts, INCREDIBLE !!!

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Michael Jackson (US)
Bad 25
Price $250.00 Buy

original super rare 2012 Epic Records 25th Anniversary edition advance promo only CD/DVD set, watermarked, numbered and named for a specific person (printed on the discs), custom CD-R/DVD-R discs and inserts.

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Green Day (US)
Good Riddance (2 cuts)
Price $100.00 Buy

original rare 1998 Warner Bros. Records ONE-OF-A-KIND in-house two track promo only CD, including Live From Electric Factory 11/14/97 and Live From The 10 Spot 04/22/98, custom CD-R disc and front studio insert.

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Kris Kristofferson (US)
The Music Of Kris Kristofferson 1971-2013
Price $50.00 Buy

original scarce 2016 Music Alternatives 47 track promo only double sampler CD set, custom CD-R inserts & discs.

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John Denver (US)
All Of My Memories: The John Denver Collection
Price $50.00 Buy

original super scarce 2014 RCA/Legacy Records 21 track promo only "Radio Sampler" CD, featuring tracks taken from the 4 disc box set, custom disc and inserts.

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Eric Clapton (US)
(You Made My) Blue Eyes Blue
Price $500.00 Buy

original super rare ONE-OF-A-KIND progressive set of 5 CD's including "Song Ruff" Marshall Vox, Rob (Cavallo) Intro Vox Piece, Aerosmith (Steven Tyler) "Demo Mix", Eric Clapton "Rough" 5/29/99, Eric Clapton "Runaway Bride in-house 3 track sampler (4:41 version) 6/21/99 and Eric Clapton "Edits" (4:19), (4:12), (4:13) 6/24/99.

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Fleetwood Mac (US)
Price $150.00 Buy

original super rare Sterling Sound mastering 2 track in-house promo only CD, dated 7/17/97 featuring a pair of "LIVE" tracks including "Gypsy" which ended up on the 2016 remaster of "Mirage" and "Songbird" which remains UNRELEASED, custom CD-R disc and inserts.

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Kate Bush (US)
50 Words For Snow
Price $75.00 Buy

original scarce 2011 EMI Music Publishing 7 track advance promo only CD, custom CD-R disc with paper label and back insert.


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